Become one with the Ocean.

If we can make more people love the Ocean as we do,
the Ocean is one step closer to becoming crystal clear.


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SCUBA Regulators

Pursuing the
Superior Performance and Challenging.

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Color Divers’ Life.


designed by CREST in Taiwan

CREST means the top of the mountain, and also the peak of the wave.
We want to level up the industry and arouse everyone’s enthusiasm for the sea,
just like the power of the wave.

We boldly break with past product design thinking and develop innovative precision structures. We focus on high performance, lightweight and aesthetic style for product design.
All our products are subject to strict international certification,
which requires detailed inspections and a complete record of the entire process involved.
Our core team has many years of professional experience and has participated in the development design of the world’s top brands of diving regulators. We create each product with care to ensure the best performance and hope to bring new experiences to divers.

We believe that if more people loved the ocean, the future of the ocean would be clearer.

Become one with the Ocean.

Where the Ocean is, where we are.

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designed by CREST in Taiwan

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